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The body chain that started it all :) 

This was the first piece of jewellery we ever made and that inspired us to go on this crazy adventure of founding our small sustainable label <3


  • Lifelong repairs
  • Made in Germany
  • Handmade with love
  • Upcycled packaging
  • Small female run company

Customer Reviews

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V happy with it! Looks fantastic and feels high quality :)


I'm so glad I found this shop! At first I wasn't sure if body chains were something for me, but since I've had them I've worn them almost every day and I've been asked about them so often - I'm soooo in love ❤️ I sent my measurements and the chain was adjusted perfectly and the quality is great! I'm so so so happy and I'll buy safe even more!!

Product Details

Recycled Sterling Silver
The body chain has a 7 cm extender chain at the waist part, so you can change its size depending on how much lunch you've had.


People usually differentiate between men's and women's sizes. We know all bodies are shaped differently and don't really believe in such a binary approach, but for ease of sizing we are using men's and women's sizes. But please let us know if you are unsure about fitting into the pre-made sizing and we will custom make the chain to fit you perfectly at no extra cost.

These are our pre-made sizes of the chains:

Women's sizing

Your waist measurements (measure at narrowest part):
XXS: <58cm
XS: 58-64cm
S: 65-70cm
M: 71-76cm
L: 77-84cm
XL: 85-94cm
XXL: 94+cm

These are the exact chain lengths for the different sizes:
XS: Chain length for neck 84cm, chain length at waist 72cm
S: Chain length for neck 88cm, chain length at waist 75m
M: Chain length for neck 92cm, chain length at waist 80cm
L: Chain length for neck 94m, chain length at waist 94cm
XL: Chain length for neck 95cm, chain length at waist 103cm

Men's sizing

Your waist measurements (measure at narrowest part):
XXS: <71cm
XS: 71-76cm
S: 76-81cm
M: 81-86cm
L: 86-91cm
XL: 91-96cm
XXL: 96+cm

XS: Chain length for neck 76cm, chain length at waist 85cm
S: Chain length for neck 80cm, chain length at waist 90m
M: Chain length for neck 82cm, chain length at waist 95cm
L: Chain length for neck 85m, chain length at waist 100cm
XL: Chain length for neck 95cm, chain length at waist 108cm

The chain is adjustable, you can increase the waist size of the chains by 7cm. If you want any different size, for example if you are a lot shorter or taller than average and need the neck part adjusted, just leave us a message! Our chains are made-to-order.


Handmade in Vienna

Repair Policy

We want you to wear our jewellery until your old. So we make sure, we make it in the best possible quality. However, accidents happen, and things can break. But unlike broken hearts, we design our products to be quite easily repairable, as repairing is always more sustainable than buying new stuff.
If your squïd studios jewellery breaks, you can just contact us via DM or e-mail, send it in, and we will repair it free of charge. You only have to pay for the shipping to and from us, the repair is entirely free.


Our jewellery pieces are delivered in a jewellery box which you can use to keep your jewellery safe or you can reuse it to keep other small objects, like cool stones or seashells from a holiday, tiny love letters, or anything that brings you joy.

We will send you your order wrapped in beautiful vintage art catalogues, posters, or magazines that we collect and recycle. Using resources that are already out there strains our environment less, and also allows us to create unique and individual packaging so every order is it's own experience.

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About squid studIos

Hey there! Welcome to squïd, where passion meets purpose. We're more than just a jewellery brand; we're a dedicated team committed to sustainability, fashion, and art. Nestled in Vienna, each piece we create embodies the principles of Slow Fashion, meticulously crafted by hand for quality and sustainability.

At squïd, ethical practices are at the core of everything we do. From our local production to our use of recycled silver and eco-friendly packaging materials, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint without compromising on style or quality. Join us in making a conscious choice for a brighter, more sustainable future. Thank you for supporting our journey.

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