squïd was created in 2023 from the shared vision of Anna, Natha, and Pia to build an ethical jewellery brand. Sustainability, inclusion and diversity are our core principles and at the heart of everything we do. We want to create empowering jewellery and fashion that lasts a lifetime as well as show what a truly circular economy oriented business model looks like.

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Where and how do we produce?

We handmake most of the jewellery ourselves in Munich and Vienna. The few pieces that we don’t make ourselves are manufactured by our French supplier in Marseille. We only work with European suppliers to ensure that all companies in our supply chain comply with EU labour law so that everyone putting work into the materials for our products is paid a fair living wage and equipped with the right safety equipment.

We only use recycled materials (mainly recycled sterling silver) or really sustainable components like freshwater pearls, deadstock fabrics or materials we thrift. Re-using, recycling, and designing our products in a way that they can always be re-used, recycled and repaired are central to our circular economy philosophy.

Our circular economy philosophy

We are very concerned about climate change. We want to inspire others to help shift our economy towards a sustainable and fair future, by showcasing a business model consisting of sustainable products, that last a lifetime. We will always offer free repairs for the products we sell, as we believe in circularity. We also want to enable you to repair your own jewellery and clothes, which is why we regularly organise free repair & upcycling workshops in Vienna and Munich - check out the events section on our website to learn more! Further elements in our circular economy philosophy are: Our bicycles: we cycle/use the train everywhere we go, be it to bring your order to the post office or when organising our upcycling events. We also don't want to contribute to more waste, which is why we upcycle our packaging ourselves and send your order in a handmade envelope from thrifted art catalogues.

Challenging gender and beauty norms

We want to empower everyone to rethink and challenge the normative beauty ideals our society still embraces. We have all witnessed how harmful these powerful normative constructs can be and want to rebel against those.

By embracing gender fluidity in all our collections, we aim to empower individuals to express themselves authentically. Our jewellery is more than just accessories; they are statements of self-love, confidence, and rebellion against societal norms. We hope our genderless pieces make you feel unbound from normative constructs. We see our jewellery as a statement about the importance of inclusivity and acceptance.

What's specIal about squid Jewellery?

LIfelong RepaIrs

We want you to wear our jewellery until you're old. So we make sure, we make it in the best possible quality. However, accidents happen, and things can break. But unlike broken hearts, we design our products to be quite easily repairable, as repairing is always more sustainable than buying new stuff.

If your squïd studios jewellery breaks, you can just contact us via DM or e-mail, send it in, and we will repair it free of charge. You only have to pay for the shipping to and from us, the repair is entirely free.

The MaterIals We use

We only use recycled sterling silver, deadstock fabrics and other sustainable materials like freshwater pearls. We only use materials that can be used in a circular way: recycled, re-used or repurposed.

Our ProductIon

We try to be as transparent as possible about where, how and by whom our jewellery is produced. Most of it is produced by ourselves in Vienna and Munich. Check the 'Production' section of each product to find out where and how each individual product was produced.

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Our Packaging

All our packaging is made from recycled art catalogues, posters, cards, etc. 

Using resources that are already out there not only strains our environment less, but also allows us to create unique and individual packaging so every order is it's own unique experience.

Our team


Anna studied Psychology and somehow ended up working in Finance. She questions our economic system, that propagates consumerism and society's wasteful handling of our planet's resources. She loves photography, but also really likes reading up on accounting scams like Enron, Wirecard, or Bernie Madoff. Her favourite book and inspiration to run the squïd studios is 'Bullshit Jobs' by David Graeber. And she likes weightlifting at the gym, as well as cycling and playing volleyball.


Natha studied Media & Communications and works as an artist now. She strives towards helping build a healthier body image. She loves all things creative: to craft, sew, design & going to the gym. Lately she is into drawing fun froggos.


Pia is a Math student and works in Data Science. She has always cared a lot about the environment and is into nature, going hiking (especially in bogs) and bouldering. She also likes creative things like drawing and making presents.