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We are Nathalie, Pia & Anna and founded squïd studios together, a small sustainable jewellery label. We enjoy politics, environmentalism, fashion, art, and we like challenging norms.

We especially want to challenge unrealistic beauty standards and want to empower everyone to feel sexy and confident, because life is too short to have self-doubt in that regard. This is why we founded the squïd studios in 2023.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do: from only using sustainable materials to entirely making our packaging from recycled old posters and art catalogues, we really want to showcase what a sustainable business model can look like.


Our body chains will give you that sexy sparkle wherever you go. Whether you pick one of our more subtle belly chains or a dainty pearl harness we want to make you feel sexy, confident and empowered to feel like your true beautiful self. Our body chains are designed for everyone, and are a statement against societal norms regarding gender, size, age, or shape.

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Whether you opt for a velvet choker or a dainty silver necklace, rest assured you will feel fabulous wearing a necklace designed to challenge gender norms and societal beauty standards. Our timeless and unique necklaces will make you feel special no matter what gender, size, or age you are.

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Our earrings will make you sparkle wherever you go. Whether you choose our delicate creoles or opt for graceful pearl threader earrings that will frame your face, we hope you will feel confident and empowered to be who you truly are. Our pieces are designed for everyone, breaking free from societal norms regarding gender, size, age, or shape.

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Our bracelets will give you that subtle sparkle wherever you go. Whether you opt for a tiny silver bracelet or one of our trendy snake bracelets that wrap perfectly around your wrist, they'll add that subtle touch of glam to any outfit. Our pieces suit everyone, no matter what gender, size, age or shape you are, we are sure a little sparkle on your wrist will make you smile throughout the day.

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