Sustainable Fashion Events 

We regularly organise jewellery and fashion recycling and upcycling events in Vienna and Munich. Trade your unwanted shirt for a cool vintage outfit, learn how to  repair your broken clothes and jewellery, all while meeting cool new people and sipping on a drink. Check our instagram to see some footage from the wicked sustainable fashion parties we organise and make sure to follow us to get notified about the next one.  

Repair your clothes and jewellery

Bring your favourite t-shirt with the hole in the armpit, the well-fitting jeans that you love to wear but has a ripped seam, or your necklace with the broken clasp...we have a sewing machine and loads of tools to help you fix your clothes and jewellery - all while having loads of fun.

Jewellery making

Upcycle old trash jewellery to new pieces! We will share all our jewellery-making secrets with you. Learn how to make use of old and broken jewellery to create recycled and unique jewellery pieces that you get to take home!

Clothes Swapping Events in Munich and Vienna.

Clothes swapping

Do you have clothes you never wear and all they do is take up closet space? As you might now, donating clothes is a slippery slope, so instead of throwing them into one of those old clothing containers bring them to one of our events! You might even find a new favourite piece to trade it in for!