Our Production

Centering our brand around sustainability, circular economy and ethical business practices, we want to be as transparent as possible in regards to our production and the materials we use. 

MaterIals we use for jewellery

We only use recycled materials for the production of our jewellery. Our chains are made from recycled sterling silver that we get from our supplier, a young business in France. They use 80% recycled silver and are increasing that percentage to reach 90 percent soon. They also use recycled packaging themselves.
Using recycled silver is a good way of reducing the impact of mining for such precious metals.  

FabrIcs and other materials

For our fashion pieces, we only use recycled fabrics. And by recycled fabrics we don't mean newly made fabrics from recycled materials like PET bottles, as this is mostly greenwashing. We mean deadstock fabrics that would otherwise be trashed. 
We are also constantly testing out waste materials from all kinds of production processes for the development of new products. 

Who makes our jewellery?

Our jewellery is mostly handmade by ourselves. Natha makes the jewellery for the German market, while Anna makes the ones for the Austrian market. Producing in the country of delivery contributes to less transportation emissions.

We also love teaching you our skills, so make sure to come to one of our jewellery making and repair events!

Who sews our clothes?

Even though Natha and Anna know how to sew, we have decided against sewing the clothes ourselves, as we want to make our clothes the highest possible quality. For this we are collaborating with Farhad, a tailor, who Anna met while working in Banking when having her suits altered, because her own sewing is a little too chaotic. Anna and Farhad have become friends and love working on clothing designs together in Farhad's atelier.