Our Products

We are a small label setting a high emphasis on ethical, local production and Slow Fashion. All our pieces are designed and handmade in Vienna, and we use as much recycled material as we can.

We are currently offering handmade 925 silver body chains, unique refurbished jewellery and a handmade black top made from deadstock silk.

Our jewellery is delivered in a squïd jewellery box which you can use to keep your chain safe or you can reuse it to keep other small objects, like cool stones or seashells from a holiday, tiny love letters, or anything that brings you joy.

The packaging is from old art catalogues, posters, magazines that we recycle. Using resources that are already out there strains our environment less, but also allows us to create unique and individual packaging so every order is it's own experience.

Featured product

"Diamond squid" body chain

This timeless design was the first we ever made and its popularity inspired us to found our company. 

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